The Best Metal Processing In the Industry

Need one good reason to contact us for your next metal processing project? Here are five reasons we're considered the best in metal processing:


We’ll beat any other laser cutter on price with our top of the line table that cuts up to 50% faster than most older conventional laser cut tables. Top quality products. Better prices.


We offer much higher cut quality and better tolerances than plasma cutters can provide plus we guarantee zero defects up to 0.004” tolerance and up to 1” thick (with lower tolerance) metals.

Lead Time

Fastest lead times in the business with turnaround times as fast as 24 hours.

Value Added

Our engineers can provide advice on best cutting practices for manufacturers - for example, tabbing and slotting in clever ways to ensure parts fit well, “self-jig” for easy assembly and maximum productivity of your process.

Package Service

Offering an array of services including drawings, engineering support, bending, cutting, etching and general metal processing all the way to robotically welded sub-assembly options.

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