Metal Processing

Metal Fabrication & Sheet Metal Forming

Our metal processing shop features state-of-the-art technology that was built to maximize efficiency, precision, reliability, and speed while reducing downtime for metal fabrication and sheet metal forming. For you, that means the fastest lead times in the industry, consistent quality and great prices.

While the main focus of our business is laser cutting, we also offer several other metal processing services to help maximize your productivity. 

Laser Cutting

A metal process that involves a laser striking a stimulated emission of radiation towards the focused area on a material and subsequently melts it and cuts through it. It uses a coaxial gas jet which ejects the molten metal and creates a kerf. The cut is made by moving the laser across the material or moving the material under a stationary laser head. 

Laser cutting also offers some sort of automation since it can work with offline CAM/CAD systems. This allows the system to be in a full charge of three-axis flatbed systems or six-axis robots for three-dimensional laser cutting.

Factors such as improved accuracy, edge squareness, and heat input control results in laser cutting replacing other cutting techniques. 

Metal Bending

A process where metal is bent at a certain angle using a force resulting in usually U or V shape bending. In order to execute this kind of a process, a brake press is necessary to. Press braking might seem unambiguous, however it can often be challenging to keep the same accuracy throughout all  applications.

Robotic Welding

Robotic welding uses programmable systems that are in full control of welding applications. Robots are often used in hostile environments where humans would not be able to work. They are resistant towards radiation, fumes or heat and are highly reliable for repeatable processes. Robots are able to adapt to the complexity of the welding process based on the sensory input. Additionally, robotic weld systems have a great ability to switch from one job to another without any interruptions.

CNC for Metal Fabrication

CNC, e.g. computer numerically controlled, is an automated control of machines by means of a code, which is usually written by a person, or computer aided software (CAD). A CNC machine can process a material without any intervention or supervision, which makes it a great booster for efficiency. 

CNC introduces a giant improvement compared to other non-computerized material processing which is manually or mechanically controlled. In modern CNC machines, the whole process of manufacturing is highly automated using CAD software designs. The designs provide all the required dimensions for the machine to be able to execute the process at a quick rate with high quality.

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