Waterjet Services

saskatoon waterjet services

The FLOW Mach 2 2020C Waterjet deploys state-of-the-art waterjet cutting precision and traverse speeds, so your job gets done quickly, efficiently and at the lowest possible cost.

AMP’s ultra-high pressure waterjet cutting services deploy water that is compressed by up to 60,000 psi for a precise and powerful cutting tool that results in no heat affected zones(HAZ) or material warping/distortions. Our waterjet streams that are generated are capable of cutting nearly any material ranging from .0005″ thick to 12″ in thickness. Waterjet cutting is most often used for aluminum cuts, stainless steel, thick carbon steel, brass, copper, plastic, rubber, and titanium.

Typical Applications For Waterjet Include:

  • Cutting shapes of 1/4″ and thicker of aluminum
  • Blank cutting for parts used in final machining assembly
  • Sheet metal parts fro short run lots
  • Avoiding burrs and warping for screen cutting
  • Plate stock converting to bar
  • Making precision cuts from 1/2″ and up using mild steel
  • Cutting for nearly every type of hardened material
  • Sophisticated shapes out of delicate materials
  • Customizing shims from stainless steel or other exotic materials
  • Cutting tube without affecting the ID (inner diameter)

With cutting-edge waterjet technology and experienced staff that is dedicated to customer service, you’ve discovered a waterjet partner. We can use your existing drawings, or our engineering team can assist you with designing and drafting with our wealth of expertise, free of charge. Send us your specifications or give us a call today!