Water Jet Cutting vs Laser Cutting


Considering both water jet cutting and laser cutting for an upcoming metal fabrication project? Here are a few factors that make laser cutting the obvious choice.

  • Early lasers could only cut thin sheet metal; the advancement of powerful laser resonators can now tackle steel up to 1.5” thick
  • Laser cutting machines are very adaptive to various types of metals and thicknesses; can easily and quickly change between jobs with quick setting adjustments, which means high productivity
  • Constant beam length helps deliver consistent cutting performances
  • Laser profiling offers precision cuts, with tolerances of 0.004” to 1/2”; 0.008” above 1/2”
  • Since lasers are focused very tightly, they have a small zone that is affected by heat
  • Automated lifting systems allow for efficient prep and staging of upcoming projects
  • Faster cutting speeds, which result in quicker turnarounds and lower costs to customers

When is Water Jet Cutting the Right Option?

Of course, there are some instances where the water jet cutting makes sense. This process involves forcing high-pressure water mixed with an abrasive (ie. garnet or aluminum oxide) through a nozzle to form a jet stream.

Water jet cutting could be chosen over laser cutting when cutting substances other than metals. This includes glass, rubber, stone, ceramics and very thick metals (up to 12” thick).

Our Investment Means Cost Savings for You

Due to the high capital investment of laser technology, however, few metal cutting shops purchase this complex machinery. At Automated Metal Processing, we felt the investment was best aligned with our high standards for quality, efficiency and productivity. As such, the volume of work we can accommodate means a better product and competitive pricing for you, with unbeatable turnaround times with the most advanced automated laser cutting machine in Western Canada.

Contact us today to discuss your project requirements. We look forward to the opportunity to surprise you with our quote and delivery times!